About ConstructPix.com

A picture is worth a thousand drawings… and that’s why we’ve started this website. The idea is simple, a place to upload and share images of construction details…

“I’m a contractor, and this website has saved me so much time and prevented many headaches. I can just pull this site up on my phone and show my subs exactly what I am trying to get built.” -Mike, a residential builder

…all you have to do is sign up and you can start uploading today. You can comment on pictures and share technical info about the details you see. Just keep in mind this is a public website that anyone can view, so don’t post any images that you wouldn’t want to share with the world.

“As an Architect, this is a great tool to show my clients what I mean when I say things like a ‘Bamboo Truss’ or ‘Sprayfoam Insulation’ people get it right away with a photograph” -Brian , an architect.

If you suspect that any image is subject to copyright please send an email to admin @ constructpix. com and the image will be taken off our server immediately.

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